Follow these simple steps to create your own DistanceChristmas


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  1. Choose your favorite holiday traditions, things you already do during the holiday season, that you want to do together with your friends and family. You can choose one a day for the entire month, or just select a few each week. We have provided you a list of 25 activities to do all month long, as well as a shortened calendar with three activities each week. Follow our ideas exactly, or use ours as a starting point and add or change ideas to make it fit your family’s Christmas traditions.

  2. Decide who you want to participate with. This is great for extended family, groups of friends, neighborhoods, church groups. etc.

  3. Decide how you want to stay connected - a group text, Facebook group, Marco Pollo, etc. We’d also love for you to share what you are doing on our Social Media: Find us on Facebook and Instagram @DistanceChristmas. Tag us in your photos #distancechristmas.

  4. For extra fun, make it a competition. Participants earn points for each activity they participate in, for sending out pictures and videos to the group, etc. The individual/family with the most points at the end wins a prize. This could be some sort of trophy that gets passed around each year, or it could be as simple as a gift card. (Our family has a snowman tree topper that the winning family gets to put it on their Christmas tree the following year.) Choose a prize and get ready to have fun!

  5. Send out a letter to those participating explaining how it works and include a calendar of activities. We have provided a sample instruction letter for you

  6. For added fun, you could send out a package to each participant including some supplies they might need to complete some of the activities. For example, you could include a sugar cookie mix, frosting, and sprinkles to make sugar cookies. You could send simple homemade ornaments for them to decorate, hot cocoa mix, a scavenger hunt list, a favorite movie or Christmas book, etc. You don’t have to send something for every activity, but a few simple items in a surprise box on their doorstep can add to the excitement.

  7. Once December begins, start completing the activities on your calendar. Make sure you take pictures and videos of all of your Christmas activities and send them to your friends and family so that you can feel a sense of connection and togetherness no matter where you are.