25 Days of Distance Christmas

Here are 25 activity ideas for you to do with your family for Distance Christmas. Click on the Day to find out more about each idea and how to make it work from a distance. Use all of these ideas, or add your own to make them fit your family traditions.  

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Day 1: Do an Act of Service. Light the World

Day 2: Decorate a Christmas tree

Day 3: Hang Christmas lights.

Day 4:Pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie

Day 5: Decorate Gingerbread houses 

Day 6: Make a homemade gift 

Day 7: Send a note or Christmas card to someone

Day 8: Learn about a holiday from a different culture or religion (Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa

Day 9:Make homemade garland.

Day 10: Sing Christmas Carols

Day 11: Share pictures of your home decorated for Christmas

Day 12: Make some Christmas candy

Day 13: Go look at Christmas lights

Day 14: Make hot cocoa or other favorite cozy drink

Day 15: Make a homemade Christmas ornament 

Day 16: Share your favorite Christmas recipe.

Day 17: Read and share your favorite Christmas picture book

Day 18: Build a Snowman - get creative if there is no snow.

Day 19: Do a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Day 20: Make holiday cookies

Day 21:Wrap presents

Day 22: Read/Act out the Nativity Story

Day 23: Create some Christmas art 

Day 24: Have a Virtual Christmas Party 

Day 25: Open Presents 

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