Hanukkah Symbols

December 6-10

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December 6 Make a Homemade Gift

Nothing says love like a homemade gift. Stay connected to your loved ones this Christmas by creating a homemade gift.  This could be as simple as homemade goodies and treats, or something more time consuming like a fleece blanket or crocheted hat.  There are so many simple, easy things out there that you could make by hand to show your loved ones you care. Here are some Distance Christmas ideas:


1. Keep it simple: make a gift and send it to your loved ones near and far. For those close to home, you can drop it off on their doorstep.  For those that live farther away, send a homemade care package.  You'll definitely brighten their day!

2. Get together with a family member or friend who lives farther away and chat over a video call while you each work on a homemade gift for someone. 

December 7 Send a Note or Christmas Card 

Everyone loves getting Christmas cards during the holidays. But not everyone loves to send them. Maybe you send them out to family and loved ones every year,  or perhaps its a new tradition you would like to start.  Or maybe its not something you see the value in at all.  But everyone loves getting a note in the mail.  So whether it is a mass Christmas mailing or just a letter telling someone you appreciate them - take a few inutes to write a personalized note and send your love off through the mail to loved ones near and far.

December 8 Learn about a Holiday From a Different Culture or



While Christmas is the most well-known holiday in the month of December, there are many other holidays from different religions celebrated during the month as well. 


 - Bodhi Day is celebrated by Buddhists around the world on December 8

 - Hanukkah, an 8 day Jewish holiday, begins on December 10

 - Winter Solstice, The Shortest Day of the year, is December 21

 - Kwanzaa is a week long African-American holiday which begins on December 26

 - Pancha Ganapati is celebrated by many Hindus around the world from December 21-25

There are also so many different ways Christmas is celebrated around the world.  Whether you learn about a different religious holiday, or a new way to celebrate Christmas, do a little research - read a book, make some food, start a new tradition. Then share what you've learned with your Distance Christmas family.

December 9 Make Homemade Garland


There's something particularly nostalgic about homemade holiday decor.  Back before commercialism caused Christmas decorations to overflow our stores beginning in October, people would use simple supplies they had on hand to deck their halls with holiday cheer. Go back in time by making some homemade holiday garland.  Pop some popcorn on the stove or in an air popper, get some fresh crandberries or dried orange slices, and grab a needle and thread and you're good to go.  Hang your homemade garland on your indoor Christmas tree, or even an outdoor one for the birds to enjoy.

Keep it simple and just take a picture of your garland and send to your Distance Christmas group, or make it a party and join in over video call to make your homemade decorations while you chat and visit. You can still do fun, festive activities together, even when you're far apart!

December 10 Sing Christmas Carols

1. Keep it simple.  Tell everyone what your favorite Christmas carol Is. You could even send them a video link to your favorite version on Youtube.

2. Have a musically talented (or willing) family? Get together over video call and have a sing along together. 

3. Be brave. Record yourself and your immediate family singing a favorite Chrsitmas carold and send the video to the group.

Christmas Cards