Our Story

One of our family’s favorite traditions is getting together on Christmas Eve with our extended family.  We do a cousin gift exchange for kids, a white elephant gift exchange for adults, eat our favorite foods, and decorate sugar cookies.  The highlight of the night is the family Christmas games organized by our sister-in-law.  Each family competes in silly games like shaking the jingle bells out of a box tied around our waists, picking up cotton balls with vaseline coated noses, identifying mystery jello shots or candy canes, and rapid-style decorating someone like a Christmas tree.  


This year, however, we have had to cancel our Christmas festivities because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  As we tried to come up with ways to keep the Christmas fun alive even when we couldn’t be together, the idea of Distance Christmas was born.  We hope that this idea can help others stay connected not only during 2020, when everything has been turned upside down, but for all of the Christmases to come.  Because we all have loved ones near and far, and there’s no better time to build togetherness than at Christmas.