The holidays are a time for spending time with family and loved ones. Unfortunately, we can’t always be together with the ones we love during the holidays.  And this year, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, even more of us will be apart from our loved ones this Christmas.  In the past we have had to settle with sending a package and connecting over a simple phone call. Now we’re lucky enough to be able to connect over a video call once in a while.  But when we are apart from the ones we love, there’s still no making up for the fact that your kids’ cousins aren’t there at the Christmas party, or your mom isn’t there to make Christmas cookies with you.  We miss their presence all month long.  So we’ve come up with a way for us to stay connected with our loved ones on a daily basis, all month long.  Now you can share in decorating the Christmas tree, seeing Christmas lights, making Christmas cookies, even the holiday party, no matter where you are. This is Distance Christmas!


We all have similar holiday traditions that we do throughout the month of December. This year, instead of doing them with your own immediate family in isolation, with Distance Christmas, you will do the same activities on the same day (or during the same week) as family members near and far.  Whatever you do, take pictures and videos of your family completing the activity and share with your extended family and loved ones via text message, Social Media, etc.  Then, instead of feeling like you completed the special tradition in isolation, you can share and connect with each other on a daily basis. When you decorate your Christmas tree, you can share with your Mom and Dad and see their Christmas tree as well.  When you go look at Christmas lights, your kids can show their cousins the awesome light show they found in your neighborhood. Distance Christmas can help bring a sense of togetherness, even when distance keeps us apart. 

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